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Handmade in UK high quality clothes | Mbmamabear.

I started to sew after my daughter was born. I read an article about all those nasty chemicals that you can find in some of baby clothes which terrified me. 

I think like every new mum I wanted my baby to be safe, to have the best as well as having something unique and special. I was searching in shops, online and coming up empty. 
So I thought I'd give it a go and make a few outfits myself. That is how it all began.. Reading, learning finding best fabrics. 
I remember this like it was yesterday my first ever baby hat.. to be honest it looking ugly, but I felt so proud of myself and so happy that I could give my precious baby girl something I had made just for her. I had enjoyed it too.

Now when I think about it ..  it wasn't an easy journey, but I loved it right from that very first hat.
Since then sewing is my passion. 
I am so lucky to get to do it every day.

My kids are my biggest inspiration<3 <3 and I am so proud to be able to share what I do with them, and with you.


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